Notes-S Screen

Note-S a Tasker widget, a SQL-Shell, Notebook, Reminder all in one! In two parts.
A “Insert” part that save your Notes in a SQL-Database. And the “Select” Part to find
your notes back from your collection of entries.
Free to use!

Save all your Notes in one singe Database with the powerful SQL Query-Engine
to find your note back easily on prepared and determined keywords. In a direction from big to small.
Even after month and years when your Note, Address, Telephone No., Business-Notes,
Snippets etc. and anything what is important information for you, growing over the time to a lot.

Include a Notebook function to stick some of your Notes on the frontpage, what at
present is  important for you. Plus a reminder function for Notes that you need to remember,
like Dates, Meetings, Appointment etc.!

Note-S for your personal use, Groups, Workshops, Workgroups, Projects, Teaching or Study reason. Prepare an information-pool in the database with links to document, picture, videos etc.
on your disk or internet. In a opposite direction from small to big. Use the Notebook function as a roadmap with the option for the administrator, to send daily Information, Instruction, Hints etc.
into the Note-S Widget for administration.
Or use the AD function in Note-S for your own AD, for your own Business as a Busines concept!
Or change this option for introduction or presentation...!

A wide range of possible scenario to use this App. Easy and free to use!

Download Note-S INSERT, 3MB Note-S Select Download Note-S SELECT, 3MB Note-S Insert

Query Search-Profil, Select Search

Query Search-Profil, Column Search
Download Note-S INSERT Download Note- SELECT or the complete ZIP-File


Introduction Video 1  
Introduction Video 2, a tutorial to edit
and change the size for your
Phone or Tablet will follow.
Tasker for Android

Designed for the 5-5.5 inch. Display

In Tasker it is more or less easy to chance the screen-size, the size of the Text, Buttons, Spinner etc.! You needn’t to be a coder to chance the components to fit this widget to your phone or tablet.
Some patience and spend some time will be enough. Even that make fun, and you get experience with the Tasker system.

What you need is the Tasker Source-Code from “Note-S”
for learning, training, study...

Only 3,50 US/Dollar, or 3 Euro or 25 RMB

I will send you the complete Tasker Source-Code per Mail!

Connect me per Mail or Skype:
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